General Store

We are currently working on restoring the old Smoky Heights General Store

The Store was orignially owned/ built by Bob Rycroft in 1937 at SE-13-74-3W6 in Teepee Creek, AB.

It is now sitting in the entrance of our Campground. We moved it here in 2010. We are restoring it to as orignial as possible to have it as a little convienent store, as well as an antique store in the Campground.

Spring of 2013 it was placed on a foundation here. Througout 2013 we worked on the inside as well as the outside. The outside is painted close to the original color it was. The inside is gutted and coming along nicely.

In the next year we are hoping to sand and refinish the flooring, reshingle the roof, and work away at some of the upstairs some more.

It looks so great!

General Store1

General Store2