River Stone Golf Course's RV Park & Campground

River Stone Campground

River Stone has a beautiful Campground next to the Smoky River. The Golf Course actually wraps around a bit of the Campground.

Our Campground has 79 yearly lots, and 9 Day spots.

Our day spots are only serviced with power, these lots go for $25/ night.

The yearly lots are on a leased contract with us. Once you own the right to the lease, you may make any improvements you wish; within reason, we do have a few regulations a rules to follow.

RV Park 3

We currently do not have any lots for sale. Over the summer if you watch, there usually are a couple of residents that put them up for sale.

For more information on our Campground or to book a lot call the
Clubhouse (780-568-2860) today.

RV Park 1

RV Park 2