5th Annual Home Made Raft Race

August 19th 2017 

is our

5th Annual Home Made Raft Race!

Shot gun start from Bezanson Bridge at 10:30am. The race ends at River Stone.
So don't miss out, there's still lots of time to make a Raft!!

There is a $50 fee as well as a few minor rules to follow, listed below.

Winner gets 90% of the pot and there names on our Raft Race Trophy!

2nd place gets a $50 Tab at the Clubhouse


We have pictures of previous years in our gallery as well, if you would like to see what this crazy race is all about.



1. All rafts must be home made

2. Raft must have a minimum of 4 crew members, no maximum

3. No commercially manufactured engines or motors, all rafts must be human powered / self-propelled

4. No maximum or minimum size of the raft

5. Any raw or sharp edges must be padded/ covered

6. All minors must be accompanied by an adult/ guardian

7. No help from another team or another person that is not a part of your crew

8. Raft must have a suitable tow line/ rope attached securely

9. Each raft must have a life jacket for every crew member

10. Raft must have a garbage bag on board. No littering is permitted

11. No glass bottles allowed on board. Only plastic and cans please

12. All rafts must be completed & registered before race day

13. Tire tubes & barrels are permitted. Manufactured boats, canoes, kayaks or dinghies are not.

14. All rafts must be inspected before the race to ensure they are following our rules.

15. Raft must be able to be carried by your crew from the beach into the water with no additional help. At the finsh line, same rules apply - they must be able to pack the raft back on the beach.

16. Anyone that breaks our rules will be automatically disqualified