80's Theme Tournament

We had a tournament in June - It was the 80's theme. We had lots of great costumes! 

1st Golf Game - Sept. 26 2009

1st Game on the fresh course. The greens were coming along amazingly, the grass was still a little patchy on the fairways and tee off boxes, but that was to be expected.

Redneck Campers Tournament

September 3 2011 - What a Riot!! It was a great turn out, and everyone had so much fun!

Lange Wedding - Aug. 7 2010

This was the first Wedding held at River Stone in our Group Area. It turned out great!

Stark Wedding - Aug. 13 2011

This was another Wedding held in our Group Area. The best man actually hired a helicopter to show up and take the bridal party for a tour. The bride and groom had no idea, it just showed up after the ceremony. It was a wonderful suprise.

Campers Caveman Tournament

We had a Spring Tournament for the Campers this year again. Caveman Theme! Lots of Great Costumes again! 

Campers Trappers Tournament

Another theme tournament with great participation & costumes! 

DatsoGallery By Andrey Datso